Monk’s Profile

Chief Abbot Phra Rajsilaporn (Chao Khun Samai)

Ven. Chao Khun Samai was born in Laos in 1943. After migration to Bangkok, he was ordained as novice in 1957. His full ordination took place in June 1963. During his time as young novice and young monk he completed his Dhamma studies at the advance level and Pali Language at level 5.

Before being admitted to study at the University level, he took another three years to do the secular studies. He was graduated from Mahamakut University in 1972. After taking one year course of training for Buddhist Missionary overseas, he, together with the most senior meditation teacher, Acharn Boonyarith were sent to Sydney to look after the newly established Buddhist center in 1974.

As a reward for his long good service to the Buddhist Community in Australia, Ven. Chao Khun Samai has been given the new titles three times for the last 32 years.

First, as Phra Khu Sukhumapirak in 1983

Second, as Phra Vibunsilaporn in 1992

Third, as Phra Rajsilaporn in 2005

Each time, as a tradition the new title has been conferred upon him by the King of Thailand on his birthday, the 5th of December.

Moreover, Mahamakut University has conferred upon him PhD Honorary Degree in May 2003 in acknowledging his long service in spreading Buddhism.

Ven. Chao Khun Samai had assumed the position as a leader of Dhammayutta Sangha in 1998 soon after the departure of Ven. Chao Khun Thepyana Kavee to Bangkok. Now he currently serves as a spiritual advisor to the Dhammayutta Sangha Council.

Other Venerables

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In 1983, H.M. The King of Thailand conferred Chief Abbot the title of “Phrakhu”.


PhD Certificate for Chief Abbot Rajsilaporn conferred in 2003.